Sunday, October 19, 2008


Well folks, Layla Grayce does it again!  I am looking for lamps - and a chandelier/ceiling mount for our guest bath.  

Love this lamp:  From Jamie Young Lighting - the Luna Lamp in Chocolate Brown. Unrequieted love.  $212 on Layla Grayce's site.  I'm tempted.

And this ceiling mount would be perfect in my guest bath.  The Paris Crystal Ceiling Mount.
Imported from Italy, it is a little piece of Tuscany in your house.  And the price, well - the price is a bit depressing at four digits worth of benjamins.  No fair.  Those Italians have all the fun.
The search continues....

Our First Upgrade

So it seems I've been a little slow on the up-take these days with the posts.  I apologize.  Can you ever forgive me?  You - my avid readers - the number of you I can count on my hand - please take this post as a token of my apologies....and a promise of more posts to come!

A quick recap - we moved about a month ago in to a house 30 years young.  It is a fabulous house - with some upgrades (kitchen, thank god, among others).  However, there are still a few remnants of the old days hanging around.  And I wish I could use words such as vintage, charming, even old-fashioned.  But alas I cannot. Instead, the words that come to mind are dated, ugly, and what-were-they-thinking?  I mean, were these things really in style circa 1979? The year I was born is made of decor that is really this misguided?  Oh well.  

This leads me to our first upgrade:  The Guest Bath
Right off the kitchen, this is the bathroom where you find yourself running to as you come in from the garage, as you are cooking dinner (yes, I wash my hands), and as I am watching TV. (Again, I wash my hands)  And each time I would run to the sanctuary of the guest bath - to have a moment (or two, #2 that is) to myself I found myself wanting to hurl chunks in to the toilet each time I saw this mirror. 
One other horrifying feature is the counter top - it would not be horrible in its creme & chocolate brown marbling - but the sink is scalloped.  I just hate it - but the upgraded faucet (antique bronze - I love it) makes it a little better.  Point is:  it will be replaced with granite one day - but for now it can be "worked around."  But the mirror just had to go - there was no working around that mess.
But I didn't want to spend a lot of $$, so I found myself at HomeGoods searching for a deal. And a deal I found.  This bathroom is very traditional - so I wanted to add a little bit of contemporary for some balance.  So, drum roll please:
      I've played up the chocolate brown from the countertop in the toilet cover and contoured mat.  The paintings I had from the other house - if you recall I used them in our guest bath there, as well.  (See this post for pics)

The light fixture in this bathroom hangs from the ceiling and is just too embarassing to show it here.  I am looking for a smallish, vintage looking chandelier to replace it.  I'll show that upgrade once I find "the right one."  Lighting is like marriage: jump in to a relationship too quickly and it just won't be flattering.  (I just made that up - not sure how I like it - but it's late, so it's good enough.)

Let me know what you think.  I'll be posting more upgrades, changes soon.  Our basement is finished - but the carpet is old, and the woodwork is stained (gasp!) and the more I go down there, the closer I am to redoing it all - paint, new carpet, etc.  So I'm sure that change won't be too far off in the distance.

Until next time....and I promise it won't be so long.  The Barn sent me a new catalog - and I'm itching to review it's contents right here.  You won't want to miss that!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Extra, extra - hear all about it!  In case anyone is looking for me this Saturday - Nadeau (see my last post) is having a sale this Saturday, October 18th!  Tons of dining room tables on sale!  Holy crap - I'm working out a way to carve out the nickels and dimes out of budget.  I need a table for our entry way - cannot miss sale.....must save my strength.....need essential rest....sharpen shopping skills....

Race you there!