Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's been a long time. I am pledging to return...

What have I done with my hiatus from blogging? Well - it's been interesting:

1. I had another child (little girl...she's 14 mos old now)
2. Oh, I'm now pregnant with another child (oops, another little girl, due in December)

In between all of that - I've filled my time with husband, work and any episode of the Real Housewives series by Bravo. (except Atlanta, I despise the ATL housewives)

Many updates to post around our house! We got rats in our drop ceiling in the basement - so we went CRAZY! I've knocked down walls....installed bars....gotten new front doors.....a portico off the front of the house....decorated a baby about to decorate a little girl's room when I kick her out of the nursery to make way for "Our Surprise"...extreme dining room makeover...the list goes on.

Don't go anywhere - I'm coming back. In meantime, something to discuss amongst yourselves: The Comeback of Ray Bans. Good or bad?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Personalized Walls

Wow?!  Has it been a month.  It has.  Well, May kept me quite busy - my hubby and I escaped to Jamaica for eight days about two weeks ago - it was amazing.

But now I have more pressing things to discuss: 

I know you've all been waiting for the unveiling of my very own Dali Decal!  We affixed the decal to our basement wall recently - and I cannot be more pleased!  And application was SUPER easy...the hardest part making sure everything is level.  

I was also recently inspired by a friend of mine at work, Kristin, when she shared this monogrammed inspiration with me:

Such a fantastic idea.  I am all about the monograms.  But to put it on your wall?  How simple - easy - even better than a decal!  This creation made out of what appears to be trim wood has dimension - where decals do not.  I am already considering variations on this:  How about painted chocolate brown molding and letters off of a tan wall?  OR - the background inside the frame painted a cocoa brown to make the initials pop off the wall.  I cannot wait to employ at our house...I'm thinking in the Dining Room...
Thanks for sharing, Kristin!  And KUDOS to your friend/family member that has this on their walls - very creative, simple and dare I say - shabby chic?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lighting the Web

I've met a new friend in the blogosphere, who has been very complimentary of my blog.  Here little piece of this business is this FAB lighting site - with all sorts of deals.  I am already coveting many chandeliers and fixtures on this site...

Come the time to get new fixtures in my foyer, dining room and kitchen - I'll definitely be giving them my business!  Check them out: they are Quoizel Lighting and they are Lighting the Web with style and variety!  Thanks for checking out my site!  Please come back often!

Table Me

I believe that I have failed to share my additional Nadeau purchases to round out my entry way - and half bath.

Nadeau never fails me.  I purchased this beautiful table that now resides in our entry way - under one of my favorite pieces of wall art:

And look at the beautiful finish - deep dark, just makes me want to dive right in:

All for the bargain price of $171.  You can't beat it.

Another table I purchased at the time for a measley $75 - fits so nicely in my guest bath.  It was missing something - and this black table fit the ticket (and my wallet).

I love the detail on this table - handmade furniture has so much character.

Again - stay tuned for my Dali decal debut!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BHG Shout-Out

Gotta give a shout out to one of my favs: Better Homes and Gardens.

Some great tips here on decorating with quirky, vintage items. My friend Aharon will appreciate these, I'm sure!

I need some more items for my bookshelves - I might head on out to Ebay and see what I can find! Any great Atlanta-area stores that anyone can recommend for vintage decorating finds? Come one, come all!

Stay tuned - I DID order my own personal wall decal for our basement from Dali Decals - it has been shipped - and I can't wait to get it and hang it up!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Decals, Take 2

Further research unturned another fabulous site for decals:

I found this fun one as a front-runner for over my toddler's bed - but in navy:
They can even make it in customized sizes!

And we could also educate him a little with the ABC's:

Or perhaps I should monogram his wall:

I can see it now - Henry Chaney - est. 2006!

Now that I think of it - the above decal would look great in our basement! Uh oh, I smell an online purchase coming on...

What is Blik?

A co-worker of mine turned me on to this site. I'm INSPIRED! The site features graphics/decals that can be placed on walls. All of them are removable - a particular line of theirs can even be reused after removing!
Our new toddler room has emptiness over the bed - as i was concerned that he would knock anything I might hang there off the wall. BUT decals would be GREAT!
Some of my favorites:

Each month, the blik team selects and posts some of their favorite Threadless tee shirt designs and asks the people which ones should be the next blik design! This one is based on Byebi by Tan Wei Hau.

This one is cool b/c it is a bunch of ovals that you put together to make your own Gerber daisy!