Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's amazing what a little paint can do....

Five years ago when we purchased our house - it came with a full bathroom downstairs (instead of a half) and it was painted deep blue.  The paint was textured - so the walls looked almost like stucco.

Rick, our home stager, told me to lighten up!  And I agreed.  This was one of those rooms where you don't hate it - so you leave it.  And there was nothing wrong with the blue walls - but lightening up the color made a world of difference - and now I more than like it - I love it.  A little paint ($40), a new shower curtain ($20), and some new towels and, voila!

Totally different, right?  The wall color is by Benjamin Moore (HC-116 - I can't remember the fancy name for it) and the towels & shower curtain I got at Bed, Bath & Beyond (my mecca, as my husband likes to say).  The wall hangings were also purchased at BB&B.  A little paint can go a long way to completely change a room.  Light colors help to open up small spaces - and this bathroom is definitely on the small side for a full bath.  This is an example of a much less expensive "makeover" - and it's super easy, too!  Stay tuned - more rooms to come....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Romantically Organic

Our house is on the market - and in preparation, my husband and I redecorated and rearranged a few of the rooms (at the urging of Rick, our home stager).  In all the excitement of the possibility of upgrading to a larger home (we want a basement) I eagerly followed Rick's suggestions to the tee (well, almost).  One of his suggestions was that our master bedroom had to go.  Now Rick did not say, "Please purchase all new bedroom furniture, lamps, bedding & wall hangings," but he might as well have - b/c that is exactly what I did.  Don't gasp - it was in the budget to get all new furniture when we moved anyway - I just took the opportunity to have fun purchasing now, instead of later.  

I decided to come up with my own style for our bedroom.  I wanted it to be soothing, serene & romantic.  Previously, I had Pottery Barn red embroidered flowered bedding with what I call a "Spanish Flare." It was fun bedding - but not what I would call "Romantic."  So I packed it up and got some new bedding - along with new furniture, a new bed (upgraded from Queen to King), new lamps, & new wall decor.  Here is a picture of what it looked like before:

And here is a picture of what it looks like now.

I call this style Romantically Organic.  And I premiere it here for your review!  It features the same wall coloring (very economical on my part if I do say so..), black furniture (Restoration Hardware), glass lamps (ZGallerie) to contrast substantial furniture and flowy (a technical decorating term) drapes.  I chose a muted sage green as an accent color which complements the tan/taupe & cream predominant colors.

Organic elements include: 
  • Metal leaf wall hangings (Pottery Barn)
  • Silk peonies and greenery in glass vase (Pottery Barn)
  • Picture of boat in water with grass (Target)
Romantic elements include:
  • Wispy, sheer valance (Target)
  • Roses w/greenery on bedside tables (Bed, Bath & Beyond)
  • Large, sage green candle on glass pedastal (Pottery Barn)
  • Upholstered bed (Restoration Hardware)
  • Dramatic, black furniture color (Restoration Hardware) against taupe walls with bright, light cream bedding (Nicole Miller - Cityscapes bedding, BB&B)
I have to say one of my favorite elements is the crystal "cubist" lamp, and how it accents the geometric square pattern that is on the bottom of the duvet cover and matching shams.  I also must add that this was not one of my most economical efforts.  I assure you the staging/redecorating efforts in the other rooms of my house were much more cost conscious.  I will share these "makeovers" with you in the next few posts!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Blog is Born...

So this is where it all begins. Let's start with the usual introduction: I am a corporate professional - have been for the past six years since I graduated from college. I am a wife. I am a mother to a toddler. I am happy with my job - but want something more from my career. I want more flexibility and more importantly, more creativity. Could I continue in my corporate endeavors and live a happy life? Yes. But I feel there is something more that I can do - that I can become...

So this is where I will begin the journey. I want to decorate. Some people have car passions, boat passions, plane passions. I have furniture passions, wall coloring passions, wall hanging passions, & area rug passions. All I want to do is flip through various home store catalogs: Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Restoration Hardware (my new obsession since my husband and I recently upgraded our bedroom), ZGallerie, and my repertoire expands every day...I'm voracious for new inspirations.

Now - I'm a smart girl....but I find myself clueless on where to start. How do I get myself from here (highly paid, corporate 9-5'er) to there (highly paid, decorating how-to girl)? Stay tuned - and maybe I can inspire someone else to change their world, as well. I have no guarantees where this blog will end - what the results of this search, this endeavor will be - but I what I can guarantee is that I will share every step with you. And so it begins....