Monday, June 1, 2009

Personalized Walls

Wow?!  Has it been a month.  It has.  Well, May kept me quite busy - my hubby and I escaped to Jamaica for eight days about two weeks ago - it was amazing.

But now I have more pressing things to discuss: 

I know you've all been waiting for the unveiling of my very own Dali Decal!  We affixed the decal to our basement wall recently - and I cannot be more pleased!  And application was SUPER easy...the hardest part making sure everything is level.  

I was also recently inspired by a friend of mine at work, Kristin, when she shared this monogrammed inspiration with me:

Such a fantastic idea.  I am all about the monograms.  But to put it on your wall?  How simple - easy - even better than a decal!  This creation made out of what appears to be trim wood has dimension - where decals do not.  I am already considering variations on this:  How about painted chocolate brown molding and letters off of a tan wall?  OR - the background inside the frame painted a cocoa brown to make the initials pop off the wall.  I cannot wait to employ at our house...I'm thinking in the Dining Room...
Thanks for sharing, Kristin!  And KUDOS to your friend/family member that has this on their walls - very creative, simple and dare I say - shabby chic?