Thursday, August 4, 2011


It's been a long time. I am pledging to return...

What have I done with my hiatus from blogging? Well - it's been interesting:

1. I had another child (little girl...she's 14 mos old now)
2. Oh, I'm now pregnant with another child (oops, another little girl, due in December)

In between all of that - I've filled my time with husband, work and any episode of the Real Housewives series by Bravo. (except Atlanta, I despise the ATL housewives)

Many updates to post around our house! We got rats in our drop ceiling in the basement - so we went CRAZY! I've knocked down walls....installed bars....gotten new front doors.....a portico off the front of the house....decorated a baby about to decorate a little girl's room when I kick her out of the nursery to make way for "Our Surprise"...extreme dining room makeover...the list goes on.

Don't go anywhere - I'm coming back. In meantime, something to discuss amongst yourselves: The Comeback of Ray Bans. Good or bad?