Wednesday, August 13, 2008

HGTV - Children's Room Inspiration

My toddler is getting bigger and bigger by the day! This means that someday soon he will outgrow his crib - and I will have to redecorate his room (twist my arm - oh the horror of it all)! I'm feeling a bit guilty b/c I have been willing him to learn how to climb out of his crib just so I can start the process of finding new furniture, new bedding and coming up with a suitable color palette for his new room.

I'm not terribly fru-fru when it comes to decorating. So - when it came time to decorate his room before he was born, I stayed simple -and YES - his bedding came from Pottery Barn. I find myself going back to the "Barn" to see what they have to offer for my new endeavor. I have pretty much decided that he will have a bunk bed with a double bed on the bottom and a twin on the top. This set up should last him a very long time - which is my goal.

I decided to branch out and look at other sites for inspiration. I came to the HGTV site and found much inspiration for a toddler's room. Too bad I was more inspired by the girls rooms than the boys. (sigh) The design idea's within the 'Designers Portfolio' section are quite helpful when trying to conjure up ideas. Here is my favorite boy's room idea, with a surfing theme:

I love how grown up this theme is - and is more long-lasting than, say, a Cowboy theme or a space ship theme. I'm going to seriously consider this for his room.

And here is one of my favorite little girl's rooms:

I love the modern lines in the pattern on the bed and the fun chair! If I only had a girl.....maybe next time! (I love my boy!!)

Stay tuned - I will be sure to share more children's room inspirations. I have lots of ideas....

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