Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

When decorating smaller, smallish, or tiny spaces, mirrors are your friend.  They make any space look bigger.  What they also do is give a wall with no windows the appearance and the effect of having a window.  I love mirrors - if only I could put them everywhere in my house.  My next purchase of mirrors is for my newly decked out bedroom.  I love these from Crate & Barrel:  
The Dubois Mirrors are some of my favorites - and I've had my eye on them for a while now.  I want to purchase three of them to put above my long & tall dresser in the bedroom.  It will make a great addition to my "Romantically Organic" room! (see previous blog post on July 29th titled "Romantically Organic" for pics!)  Here's a picture of these mirrors in a room:

Look how great they look with black furniture - such a nice contrast.  If you remember, my bedroom furniture is black - so this is just the ticket.  PLUS - my bed is upholstered in microsuede the exact same color as the chair shown in the above pic.  

I already have this C&B mirror on the landing at the top of our stairs - I got it for $79 - it is normally $299 but it was a floor model that they were trying to get rid of!  I love a good bargain!  The Silver Ripple (this was the best pic I could get of it):

The below mirror, while not quite the right look for my bedroom, would look great in another room. I find myself back involved with Shabby Chic - and this mirror is just that.  I found it while browsing the Vintage Shopper website.  

And look who I found when searching the internet for vintage mirrors:  The Mirror Lady
Many, many beautiful mirrors can be found on this site.  A few of my favorites:

The Old Gold Ornate mirror - 53"x 53".

Sunburst mirrors are just about everywhere these days (ZGallerie, C&B, etc) - but I like this one, the Silver Sunburst.  The braided inner frame makes it a bit unique!

And I think I just fell in love with Venetian mirrors.  How beautiful - all mirror, no frame!

The Georgette, comes in two sizes - 37" or 52".

And last, but not least, the Sophia:

Beautiful - a little more ornate than I usually prefer - but the etched designs have such a feeling of innocence.  I dunno, can't explain it.

And, of course, I cannot post without giving a shout out to my home sweet home, Pottery Barn (aka "The Barn").  They have such a great selection of mirrors these days - again, some favorites:
The Honeycomb gold mirror.  This one might be my favorite - and it gives me such a retro feeling.  I could imagine myself sitting in a living room in the 60's with this mirror on my wall!

The Geometric Circles - so different.  I love it. 

And since I have a new love affair with Venetian mirrors, I couldn't leave this one out: 

The Venetian Leaf mirror.  I love the cutout leaves - would add a little glamour to any room.  


Anna said...

LOVE the honeycomb mirror! Great find.

Aharon said...

nice sunburst... I have had my eye on a similar one for some time!

French Bedroom Furniture said...

What a gorgeous selection of mirrors. I especially love the venetian leaf mirror, it is just stunning!