Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Room Re-arrangement...

Yet again, our stager took one look at our living room and took it upon himself to make many suggestions regarding furniture layout, etc.  The shape of our room presents a challenge when placing furniture - there is really only one wall to place pieces against due to the open floor plan of our kitchen, eating area and two story living room being all one room.  So - here is the family room before.  Note the large sofa, smaller sofa/loveseat & oversized chair with ottoman.  And yes, yes - thanks to my toddler, we had a train table "acting" as our coffee table.  No mas!

And now - here are the after pics.  We got rid of the wine pics on the wall - got a new floor lamp (Restoration Hardware), new round, coffee table and matching end table in black (Pottery Barn), we stored the oversized chair & ottoman.  Thanks to my friend, Aharon, for donating the Tuscan scenes that are now hanging on the wall in place of our tribute to the wine country.  Oh yea - and we painted the green wall the same color as the rest of the house.  Personally, I liked the green wall - it was painted green when we moved in - and it worked.  But when trying to sell your house - neutral is best.  Rick says, "Less is more."  And he's we bit the bullet. Drum roll please......

Note the pillows on the couch....I'm foreshadowing for my next post. I know - the suspense is killing you. It's killing me too!

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