Monday, August 4, 2008

New Pillows

I recently took a class at my local Pottery Barn on decorating with color and pattern. It was a good class - it gave me some great ideas (Albeit, ideas on how to use Pottery Barn merchandise... Well played PB marketing execs, well played). They do give you a 10% discount on items in the store to use for the day - and use it, I did!

I've always struggled with the pillows on the couches in our family room. See my previous post - they were pretty standard - green and off-white. I've been dying to branch out - so let me know what you think!

Thanks to the creative gods at Pottery Barn for all of their groovy color combinations in their Fall 2008 line. I highly recommend viewing their website if you have not already familiarized yourself with it. It is all about color, color, color.

But I digress, so I was sitting in Pottery Barn attending my free class when it dawned on me that orange and red aren't just for superheroes. Orange and red could actually look good together - as evidenced by this fabulous flowered fabric - the Serafina Pillow Cover:

My internal monologue: "Hmm. Never would have thought. Oh - wait - I have red couches. I hate my current pillows. Nah, these wouldn't look good. Would they?" Insert my helpful friend, Jayna, who practically threw the pillows in my arms and made me purchase them (at least, that is the story I told my husband.) So - Jayna made me do it. And she is brilliant! Orange and red - how fun!

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Jessica said...

Looks great! What is this paint color you have in this room with the red couch? I have been searching to find the perfect color.. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore.. Just can't get it right. I love what you have on your walls and think that's exactly what I'm looking for!