Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Romo - As in Fabrics, Not Jessica's BF

Well, I've been so busy looking at children's furniture - I realized I was in need of some sophistication.  I've been loving the look of two particular colors together - one of which I have never used before in decorating (that I can remember, anyway).  I've got a big crush on Raspberry & Brown combinations.  I had been recently stalking one of my decorating heroes' blogs (Habitually Chic - see link on the right) when I read a recent post about Romo fabrics.  I thought I would check it out - and to my surprise - there popped up Raspberry & Brown in some of their amazing fabrics!

I have to say that these fabrics are some of the most unique and refreshing I have seen in a while - and so contemporary, I'm in love!  Check out this fabric, from the Manderley collection, in raspberry, brown and what seems like a mustard yellow (much prettier than my description!)

Oh yes - and this is beautiful for someone looking for less floral print/pattern.  The Mimi collection might be my favorite showcase of Raspberry & Brown...

And this is the Audley collection in shades of red, brown & cream.  Ooh la la!

And the drama in the Kimura collection is breathtaking - and this picture just showcases it! Black and Khaki - ah, one of my favorites:

Now, this fabric very well may be out of my league - but it is nice to dream, isn't it?  This company is out of London - so if I just have to make a trip across the Pond to check it out myself - then so be it.  Or maybe I can go to their showroom when I'm in NYC in three weeks??

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